NaNoWriMo Day 28 – Looking back in sleeplessness

The world is an unpredictable place. Just when you have mastered the art of managing OK given all the stuff you have to deal with, it has the happy little habit of poking you in the eye with a sharp stick anyway. Just because it can.

So there I was feeling self-congratulatory that I had managed to write my 50k words, sort out carers for mother, get various Offspring settled into whatever it was they needed help settling into, and keeping on top of the laundry. I even – whisper it, whisper it – have started posting to a blog more frequently. Had you noticed?

That conjunction of satisfactory outcomes (take note, Michael Wilshaw, it’s all most of us need. Good enough, my lad, is good enough!) was clearly a slap in the face to fate.

OK, EBL, enough over-egging it, enough drama. Just spit it out.

Work, my dears, is generally enjoyable for yours truly. I understand that I am blessed in this respect. However, Tuesday was horrid. Wednesday got worse. Today I am heading in to deal with a continuing horrid situation.

No need for any details. You don’t need to know. But the stress, my dears, is stressful. So not much of blogging right now because real people take priority.

In other news, I saw a podiatrist yesterday about my mobility problems and he agreed there was nothing more they could do. However, as I am now considerably improved I think I can cope. We agreed it was extremely rare for the condition to persist in the face of time and treatment. It has done so. He promised it would eventually clear up, almost certainly before I die. I have little faith in such empty promises. It is the second “very rare” condition I have exhibited and I now believe it is what they tell patients they can’t help, due to lack of resources (eg equipment, qualified/knowledgeable staff), time or money.

Nevertheless I am at least able to get along slowly, and the pain is reduced so I am better tempered. A year ago I was giving Dr Banner a run for his money; you wouldn’t have liked me when I was angry. The Offspring tell me I am more like House really, which I take to mean an exceptional mind and brilliant guitarist. They nod sagely when I suggest that, and say things like, “Yeah, right.” That’s agreement as far as I’m concerned. The facial stubble is a problem though.

So, sleeplessness. Needless to say, with all the horrid stuff, I have not been sleeping. Today I am in head office, and then I have the excitement of trying to get home through flood and transport chaos. Deep, deep joy. Getting home Tuesday was bad enough and the water levels have got worse since and are continuing to rise today.

I hope your own days are brighter, and if not, that you can share with me the expectation of brightness in the future and hope for strength in the present.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 28 – Looking back in sleeplessness

    • hope it wasn’t too disappointing – not really keen to go into detail about real people and things 🙂
      I agree with Susan in Discworld that everything ought to get sorted out if only people would sit down and talk sensibly!

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