The solstice confirmed that we will continue to have light and dark, day and night, life and death, for the next year and a day. I was glad. It gave me the go-ahead to complete preparations for the seasonal festivities. Some bunch down in South America also started using a new calendar; apparently there was concern that the change of calendar meant something doom-ridden, and people were going on about the end of the world like there was no tomorrow.

Anyway, EBL Towers is now officially “almost ready” for the big day. All that remains is to collect Offspring who lives on the wrong side of the Pennines from York station later tonight, and the family will be gathered. Thanks to three whole days of Christmas Eve we are relaxed and cheerful, instead of our usual psychotic selves.

Sigoth completed the early prep for dinner tomorrow – cashew nut and mushroom layer with mushroom and sherry sauce. The denizens of EBL Towers are against eating anything with a face on it. In-laws duly arrived and consumed mince pies and Christmas flavoured tea. The tree was brought in and decorated, as was the rest of the house. Yours truly even managed to deliver the cards round the village, despite a wind that tore the hat from my head and the breath from my body. I’m a real hero.

We all contribute to filling stockings these days; everyone puts in a small token gift costing no more than £2 and we all have fun trying to work out who gave what. The Offspringses have worked out that if they include themselves too it makes the games even or fun and they get more stuff. Cunning Offspringses.

I completed my knitting as planned, which partly accounts for my absence, no doubt sorely missed. The whole t’Interweb was in danger of failing so I decided to provide a quick update to keep things going.

I hope your holiday is peaceful and full of comfort and joy. Not everyone is so fortunate, so if you are struggling, I wish you strength and hope and love. I wish them for everyone, but for you particularly. I have had Christmases which I thought I might not survive, and yet I did and this year I am in a better place. None of us know what the future holds, and often it turns out to be better, even if further away than we might like.

Glæd Gēol! (As we used to say in this country about 1500 years ago.)

2 thoughts on “Preparations

    • And a Happy New Year 🙂
      I hope to renew normal service in January once I have digested the Christmas pudding and restored Offspringses to their respective habitats

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