EBL to Her Coy Reader

It’s as well I don’t aim to blog every day or even every few days. My life is bursty. I live in bursts. Take last week for example.

I was away for work, stuck in a hotel room with no Internet connection. I could have paid for Internet if I had wanted to, but it was expensive (in my mind) and I was out and about so much that it didn’t seem worth it. Most evenings I didn’t get back to my room until nearly ten o’clock, exhausted and too brain-dead to string together any sentences, let alone read those produced by others.

So it goes, my dears. At times I write extensively, just as I did for NaNoWriMo; at others I read more, or exercise, or I knit, or I play games, or learn a new language, or I get involved in some project or other. I also volunteer as a school governor and help to write quizzes every fortnight for the Village Hall funds. I am a Jill of all trades and mistress of none. I can’t do everything at once so I do things in turn. Last week I worked.

I also socialised. I am not a social animal by nature, but when I am away in Leeds I like to catch up with the local Offspring, and a friend who also works in Leeds, and colleagues whom I usually only meet by telephone. On Monday night for example I worked late at the office with one colleague and we went for a pint after to get over it.

One thing drives out another and I realised I have blogs I want to write this month and have not yet done. Next week I have some time off so perhaps I will do them then.

But is it just me? I am interested in so many incompatible things and cannot choose. I end up doing all of them superficially. When I was at school I couldn’t decide on subjects to study. If you ask me about hobbies I am likely to say I have none, almost because there are so many things I want to do that I can’t settle on one.

Andrew Marvell had it right – there is not enough time. It’s true he was just trying to get his lover into bed, but the same principle applies. There’s no blogging from the grave.

In haste, and in eternity, Namaste!

6 thoughts on “EBL to Her Coy Reader

    • Spring is part of it too – you’re right! I change my routines with the equinoxes and solstices, as the light changes!

  1. Is it just you? Definitely not…
    I sometimes feel like I’ve got room for only one current obsession in my life. So I knit. Or read. Or get sucked into a computer game. Or socialize. Or I get to blog about it. So my blog gets updated in bursts, like you said. A week or two (or three…) of silence. Then I remember that I’m supposed to be a blogger and lots of ideas and things I want to publish tumble into my mind. Lots of blogging activity ensues. Until I get on to something else… *sigh* Seems I have the attention span of a mayfly.

    • Matflies are living in the moment, so go mayflies! It does feel a little disheartening never to finish things though!

  2. Take your time, EBL We’ll wait for you. “Do or don’t do, there is no try” Yoda.
    {{{hugs]}} kozo
    Marvel was just looking to get a little something something.

    • My little Star Wars Muppet Mate! I keep chanting that to myself every day – or at least I “try” to!

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