B4Peace: Hey Nick!

Dear Father Christmas

I have been a very good and helpful girl this year and my Mum says that she is proud of me. Well, actually, she asked me what the weather was like, but she meant she was proud of me.

Christmas candles

I know it’s a bit early to be writing but I saw some Christmas candles in a shop today and they made me think of you. Then I thought that because I was going to ask for a really Big Thing, perhaps it would help if I let you know early. So you can gearing up the elves and extending the workshops and so on.

You might be thinking that just because I have been a good girl I expect to be treated like something special. Well, mon Père, we both know it doesn’t work that way and that it really only counts when you are good anyway and not just for Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that my being good was not with this ultimate request in mind; I have only thought of it today when looking at those candles.

This is a gift for myself but also for my friends, for Kozo who put it in my head, and for everyone on B4peace; for my family and friends in meatspace and colleagues and neighbours; for the people of my country and every country; for the people I don’t like and the people I am rude about and even for the politicians and bankers, whom I really am not at all keen on.

No, really, I mean it, mein liebe Nikolaus, even them. Perhaps especially them because it seems they need it most of all.

It’s this thing that is something and nothing. You can’t touch it with your fingers unless you close your eyes, and then, sometimes, it is there. You can’t build it with your hands, only with your heart. You can’t wrap it in tinsel or paper, but you can wrap it in love, which is the best of all.

At the risk of sounding like Rolf Harris, do you know what it is yet?

Well, here we go. My mouth is a little dry and my hands are a little wet and sweaty. But I’m going to ask you, Father C, can you give me Peace in the world?

If anyone can do it, you can. You can break all kinds of Laws of Physics, visiting every part of the globe (except maybe Antarctica – although there too if there were children waiting for you) faster than the world spins. You can make reindeer fly, which is quite a clever trick. You can fit down chimneys even in houses that don’t have one. You can eat endless mince pies and drink endless glasses of sherry without losing control of your sleigh or your good humour due to indigestion or intoxication.

Can you? Can you?

Anxiously awaiting your reply…

EBL (51 years and 2 months)

This letter is part of July’s Bloggers for Peace and you can read other thoughts here:







7 thoughts on “B4Peace: Hey Nick!

  1. Love this, EBL. Imagine if all the children in the world asked Santa Claus for peace rather than Star Wars Legos or Hannah Montana outfits? I think St. Nicholas would definitely deliver. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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