I’m sorry to say I missed wishing you all a Happy Yorkshire Day yesterday!

Buy your bunting!

Buy your bunting!

Be assured the flag was hanging in the window at EBL Towers, and Yorkshire Tea Loaf (made with Yorkshire tea) occurred, if a little unsuccessfully due to a) a delay in acquiring all the ingredients, and b) the non-stick loaf tin failing to live up to its primary advertised operational parameter, namely being non-stick.

So the tea loaf fell apart but tasted very good and we ate it today while we played games.

We had intended to go and walk the Hole of Horcum, but it was too hot and some of us had slept badly and didn’t feel like a 7 mile “intermediate” hike in hot and humid weather with rain predicted to arrive just in time for the final scramble up from the bottom of the gorge to the top. Somehow, playing some games in the comfort of the kitchen was preferable; eating cake at the same time was merely an added bonus.

The Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire Moors

The Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire Moors

We did not on this occasion celebrate more lustily with the Yorkshire Anthem. However, I am reliably informed by the BBC that there is a new version out this year for the musical cognoscenti among you.

So, now it’s August and the nights draw in. Time to go out for bat walks in the greying evenings, and to finish the Pimms for another year. The horse chestnuts are losing some early, unripened fruits, early heralds of the new school term and conker fights in the playground. Celebrations of the turning of the Wheel, everywhere.



4 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. I could be tempted by that walk followed by a few pints, dinner and overnight stop at the Horseshoe Inn. As long as they weren’t singing that awful dirge in the bar 🙂

    • Awful dirge! How very dare you, sir? That is the ancient anthem of a proud and honourable people!
      Mind you, the Marseillaise has a better tune to be fair 🙂

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