Drunkenness and death and harmony

Today was an office closure day, following the Bank Holiday on Monday. The company I work for has a set number of these in the year when they close the office and enforce a day’s annual leave. It can be inconvenient for project deadlines but I didn’t care today because the weather this weekend has been glorious and it continued to be glorious today.

I sat in the garden eating lunch and enjoying the peace of nature around me. The local sparrowhawk swooped down upon a cluster of unobservant sparrows and narrowly missed spearing some dinner. A cat pounced into a shrub and emerged carrying a small bird in its mouth, and looking superior as it tip-toed along the wooden fence. Drunken butterflies whirled madly from the buddleia to the mint and back, weaving unsteadily like the English cricket team retaining the Ashes. Fortunately I did not notice any urinating upon the grass, although no butterfly was able to confirm or deny that particular rumour.

Nature red in tooth and claw invaded my peaceful garden. I admit I didn’t mind. I was in a circle of life kind of mood.

In fact I was more interested in an observation of Sigoth’s that cabbage white butterflies are hard to photograph because they close their wings when they land, whereas the Peacocks and Tortoisehells tend to open them out for display. I watched the various butterflies and Sigoth was right, as usual. It took him ages to get the picture of the cabbage white with its wings open, but at least it kept him off the streets and made sure he got plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

butterfliesDrunken butterflies are a feature of the late summer garden, along with the honking of geese flying south and the chatter of swallows and martins converging on the telephone lines before setting out for Africa. In this way is our little village connected to far continents.

I have been failing to complete some meditation every day and I notice the difference. My brain is whirling like the butterflies. The birds reminded me of our connections to the rest of life and for that I was grateful. You and I are connected even when I fail to update this blog or to keep up with yours. I carry you still in my heart. One day this project will be done and I will have more time for other matters, such as our chats here.

Meanwhile my dears, I send you all my love.


2 thoughts on “Drunkenness and death and harmony

  1. Nice observations, love the simile gently mocking our cricket heroes 🙂 Talking of which the Scarborough ground must be looking its best with this summer’s weather, not to mention The Albert across the road.

    • thanks Roy 🙂
      Your use of the term “heroes” may need to be applied quite loosely, but such is life, I;m sure it was never like that in my young day!
      I have no interest in the game really although it’s practically the local religion up here. When I lived in Leeds you would see kids playing on the streets in the snow.

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