Planning Convalescence

So my dears, just a quick note to say I am under the knife today so may be out of circulation for a little while. There is a YouTube link at the end to keep you happy while I am away.

I am hoping to get back to you soon though, and will be composing posts and thinking of you as I lie in bed – medication permitting. Actually some of the posts composed in that situation might be considerably more entertaining than my usual output.

I’m expecting George Clooney to drop by, of course, along with a convoluted and highly improbable storyline, and implausibly attractive nursing staff.

One of the things I have planned for my convalescence is watching my box set of “Due South”. I treated myself in the sales, and am looking forward to a few days on the sofa in the company of a mountie and his deaf wolf. I did watch an episode the other night because I am intolerant of delay, and Constable Fraser spotted a fake nurse because she had high heels and long, painted nails, neither of which were practical for the profession. I am not clear what he would make of some of the TV programmes which purport to represent life at the cutting edge.

If I become tired of Fraser and Diefenbaker (unlikely, but you never know) I have done my Project Manager best by establishing a contingency plan. The risk is low, but if needed, I have Dexter lined up as an antidote to cheerful television.  In fact, the chances are I will alternate anyway because Dexter is also great fun in a more macabre way. I have read the first three books, and seen series 1, so there’s plenty to look forward to. I admit I prefer the books because you are right inside Dexter’s head, bemused by the world, and witty to boot.

My third option for televisual entertainment is finishing off watching Monkey!

I, too, will be irrepressible!



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