Dr Seuss helps EBL de-clutter

Some of the things we found in the loft today (and some we didn’t, but are included just for approximate meter and rhyme)

Oh say! Can you see the clutter and the clatter in the attic up the ladder?

Grandma’s clocks, and crocks in box

Hats and gloves and scarves and socks

Captain Kirks and Mr Spocks

All go in the charity box

Pins and bins and cans and pans

Fans and pens and rocks and smocks

All go in the charity box

I can pack with my eyes shut

Crate it up and take it out

In the snow the rubbish must go

In the car to the dump

Bags and boxes, flump and crump!

Out with dust! Out with rust!

Clearing, clearing is a must!

I do not like all this clutter

Why did it stay? I was a nutter!

Now I prance and dance and smile

Now I’m living minimal-style!