Who am I?

A while back I wrote about workaholism and taking on a Death March Project. If you really want to, you can read about it here.

Well, it’s been just as draining as I thought but I am cautiously optimistic that we will complete phase 1 this weekend. Thanks to a brilliant team, a following wind and a fantastic supplier, we might actually go live on the scheduled date. I am doing final test Saturday morning, then curling up in the foetal position and weeping – with relief or despair is yet to be known. I’m so tired I hardly know who I am any more.

Time is pressing. There’s an interim release planned for the end of the month too, and a further patch release later in the year. Then it’s phase 2 in March. All of these changes will see improvements.

I hate 1.0 releases. They are never as perfect as you want. You start off with a shiny dream of a beautiful system and as you go on, you compromise. But that’s life. This week I am all about good-enough systems.

Good-enough saw me through my early parenting; so long as I could be good enough the children would grow up to be reasonably sane and healthy, Now it applies to my new babies, databases and websites and so on. I suppose I’m not cut out to  be an idealist.

That’s EBL for you: pragmatist by day, but by night she becomes a tree-hugging, hippy peacenik.

Take that, Clark Kent!

So help me out, give me a diversion. Introduce me to your alter ego, Go on, you know you want to. It’s time you let them out for an airing.