Babes, sucklings, whatever

dinner plates

A long time ago in a village far away, a young man was being teased by his Grandpa. At the age of about 3 the young man had not yet quite grasped the idea that Grandpas might not always speak the complete and utter truth. This was a lesson he soon learned, but at this time he was green and fresh and innocent of the wickedness of adults.

The family sat at the table eating supper, and the young man was enthusiastically cleaning up every last drop of Grandma’s Special Home Cooking.

“That’s right,” said Grandpa approvingly. “Get it nice and clean and then we won’t have to wash up tonight!”

The young man fixed his Grandpa with a serious and slightly contemptuous gaze.

“In our house,” he explained solemnly, “we always wash all the dishes. No matter how clean they are.”

No, we have never let Grandpa live that one down!

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