Bloggers4Peace February Madness

The Bloggers4Peace monthly challenge is upon me, and it weighs most heavily.

When I saw Kozo’s challenge to create an advertisement for peace I must admit I felt my marrow freeze. Then I closed the window, which was open, encouraging icy tendrils to wander about the house, and snuggled under the blanket to think about options. Kozo has suggested that we construct an advertisement for peace by:

  1. creating a simple advertisement, like a slogan for peace; or
  2. writing a poem or a song that can become the “Imagine” for our generation; or
  3. creating a piece of art/photo that we can post on billboards that will promote peace; or
  4. writing a short story or screenplay for a short film that can be made and broadcast for peace
  5. And having fun

Well, to be honest my dears, I panicked. I am not an advertising person. I do consider myself somewhat creative, especially in the face of project meltdown, but my ideas for promotional material are generally met with derision. And now you want me to expose my inadequacy to the world for the sake of peace?

Well, if that’s the hardest thing I ever have to do, I’ll take it.

So, it’s project initiation, people. What advertising works? I suppose anyone who knows that can make a whole pile of money. I do not have a whole pile of money. Ergo, I have no idea what works. It’s not a promising start to the Peace Advert Campaign, nor for my claim to logical fluency.

Let’s not be downhearted! Dredge your extensive memory banks for adverts you enjoyed, EBL, and seek inspiration!

Let me see…there were those crazy mashed potato robots on the moon, and the dancing Guinness man. And the Coke advert, always the Coke advert. I quite liked Jack Dee walking on girders. Similarly who could forget the bald man in the photo booth or the Secret Lemonade Drinker?  Clearly what works for me is an element of humour and/or a catchy tune (and frequently, alcohol).

Then there are those other adverts where the tune invades your brain like leprosy, until the cells begin to necrotise. I hesitate to refer directly to them in case the infection spreads. Already I hear some of them clamouring in the background, like zombies shuffling towards me to eat my soul. No, I don’t want to advertise Peace that way! You. Shall. Not. Pass.

Images of peace are in danger of presenting a cliché: meditating buddhas and flowers and sunsets. Beautiful, I enjoy them immensely; the world is so effortlessly amazing while we poor humans struggle to produce anything so fine and fail to recognise the beauty in each other. Can I also whisper it though – perhaps a little…boring? For me these images can also reinforce the stereotype of passivity. To quote a leaflet I picked up recently “Pacifism is not peace at any price, but love at all costs.” I’ll add I also find those juxtapositional things irritating too. EBL is easily irritated.

Nevertheless, I strained my brain to think of how to make “love at all costs” appealing. It sounds a bit sacrificial otherwise. Think about telling people what’s in it for them. Well, what is in it for them?

I believe inner peace enables us to do more, to achieve more, to be more. I thought about the feeling of winning. And I thought of how the universe seems to hold its breath as great moments happen, and for a fleeting moment everything becomes balanced and at peace.

I thought of the breath I might take before stepping out of a plane to do a parachute jump (for charitable rather than military objectives, of course!).

I thought of Johnny Wilkinson preparing to kick the winning conversion in the World Cup in 2003.

I thought of a skier about to propel themselves down the slope.

I thought of Blondin crossing Niagara Falls

Like some Old Saint on his old rope-bridge,
Between another world and this,
Dead-calm ‘mid inward vortices,
Where little else but danger is.

I thought: are these images exciting and compelling enough to enable people to consider how inward peace leads to greatness; to learn that fear and rage and violence lead only to more of the same? As the wonderful Oscar Wilde said:

As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.

Perhaps when war and violence are seen as worse than vulgar, as actual blockages to getting what we want, we can move to that consummation devoutly to be wished, Peace.

Other bloggers working to promote peace include:

With all my heart, to all of you, namaste.

8 thoughts on “Bloggers4Peace February Madness

  1. Beautiful, EBL. If we could make this into a short film, it would be so revolutionary. I’m thinking “Being John Malkevich” plus the “I’d like to teach the world to sing” Coke commercial. 🙂
    Thank you for thinking deeply about this challenge. I love your slogan “love at all costs.” I love how you try to give value to the “consumer” of peace. I really think we need to think about these aspects of the peace movement. Why wouldn’t everyone subscribe to peace if it makes your life so much better?
    Thank you for entertaining and informing. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • thanks Kozo 🙂
      It just seemed that what we already do works for those of us already converted – but what about the rest of the world? One man’s tofu is another woman’s poison
      Thank you for challenging me too – I wasn’t joking about the panic! [[[hugs]]]

  2. This is simply beautiful, EBL. I had my moments of panic too, and then wasn’t all that happy with my results thinking I could have done so much more and been so much less boring. Good thing there’s 10 more months in the year to get better at this! I love that you’ve pointed out how peace isn’t just an end in itself but leads to greatness. And that war doesn’t lead to anything except more war. Well that’s what I got from it anyway, plus a great appreciation for commercials so well done that they can make us laugh every time we see them. Much love and PEACE 🙂 to you. xxoo

    • thank you! I’m glad it all made sense, as you have expressed what I was hoping to say 🙂
      By December we shall all be Great Writers For Peace, I’m sure
      Love and peace to you too ❤

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