Did you miss me? I know, but I’m back now.

I’ll try and put up some posts soon-ish, but here’s a list of excuses for not posting recently:

  • Too. Many. Birthdays.
  • dealing with demented parent stuff
  • moving an Offspring to new house
  • working away from home
  • holiday in Amsterdam (with some Brussels on the side)!
  • knitting
  • not being able to think of anything to write
  • thinking of too many things to write
  • reading
  • watching too much Netflix
  • watching Eurovision
  • visiting friends in London

As you can see, much of it involved having a good time.

That about covers it for now.

What favourite excuses do you have?



9 thoughts on “Excuses

    • But with lovely Graham Norton (OK not everyone’s favourite I suppose). I was particularly amused when he got picked on by the Danish hosts 🙂

    • Friday night is Fangled Night!
      Tomorrow is Area Meeting and then we are doing welcoming/flowers/coffee rota on Sunday at MfW – so I don’t expect to be compos mentis before Monday 🙂

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